FO: Pixel Socks

PixelSocks5 Summer weather has found its way to the Netherlands, so that’s the perfect time for finishing a pair of hand knit socks right? 😉 Can you believe this is my first FO since February? And it’s only my second FO of 2016?? Holy cow, I had no idea my knitting mojo was missing for so long!

Pattern: Vanilla socks
Yarn: Digipix by Regia


As odd as it sounds, maybe a simple pair of socks is all you need to get the creativity flowing again. A little reminder that I love creating things, and not every project has to be a intricate lace shawl to enjoy the craft. I felt perfectly blissful mindlessly stitching away at these.

PixelSocks4 PixelSocks3

Fun yarn always helps doesn’t it? I picked this sock yarn up two summers ago in Switzerland. I’ve been stash diving and found some more skeins that told me they want to be vanilla socks. Time to cast on 🙂




6 thoughts on “FO: Pixel Socks

  1. Those socks are so cute! That yarn is so much fun, it absolutely had to be vanilla socks! I have a few skeins like that lying around that I really ought to get to-there’s nothing quite like a pair of plain socks in a spectacular yarn!

  2. Those socks are so beautiful, I was instantly smitten! And how amazing that it was from the yarn you got in Switzerland, it’s fantastic when souvenir yarn knits up to be something wonderful.

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