FO: Pebble Beach shawl


Pattern: Pebble Beach Shawl
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Sock in Primavera

Yay, this was such a quick and enjoyable knit! Admittedly, it was already done last weekend. But I was so busy last week that the poor thing spend the entire week strapped onto my blocking maths. I felt some guilt, peeping at it in the mornings and feeling like I was applying medieval torture techniques to yarn. I didn’t want to take it off yet though, because I first wanted to take pictures before starting to wear it. But the pins have been taken out and pictures have been snapped.

pebblebeach5 Pebblebeach3

I’m on a bit of a Malabrigo sock binge and again this is one colourway I love. I wasn’t sure how it would knit up, but I love how this shawl is very colourful without being very colourful (does that even make sense?). Still don’t think I would ever knit socks with it, seriously doubt it would be durable enough.


But this is perfect shawl yarn. And hat yarn, and mittens yarn and probably sweater yarn. The drape is so pwetty! I made the shawlette version of the pattern (perfect 1 skein project) but after blocking I think it can be called a proper shawl, size-wise.


And I have been such a good little knitter, I even immediately started turning my leftovers into hexipuffs. Seriously, do I earn knitting credit with this or something? Like knitting points I can later on exchange for someone else to sew in my seams or something. Earn 100 credits and your skeins of yarn will be wound up for you. How awesome would that be? Yes please!


29 thoughts on “FO: Pebble Beach shawl

  1. Ha! Having knitter point to trade in would be fantastic! I love your finished shawl so much! Malabrigo sock is so much fun to work with 🙂

  2. Het lijkt wel of iedereen sjaals aan het breien is nu 🙂 Deze houd ik in gedachten voor als ik nog eens een sjaal wil. (Knitter points lijken me een fantastisch idee! Ik zou ze meteen inzetten om het juiste aantal steken op te zetten van de eerste keer.)

    • Ja maar het is dan ook ideaal weer momenteel om sjaals te breien, misschien verklaart dat het. Ik kan het patroon in ieder geval ten zeerste aanraden! 🙂 En als ik punten zou kunnen inleveren om meteen het juiste aantal steken op te kunnen zetten zou ik die zeker gebruiken, wat een goed idee!

      • That shawl looks gorgeous! Knitting with malabrigo is very high on my wishlist. I only hope it wont ‘ruin’ me for other yarns. If I would get to spend points, it would be on an alarm which goes off when you make a mistake. That would be a huge time saver!

        • That alarm is a brilliant idea! It would be a time and life saver, I can get so incredibly cranky if a mistake goes unnoticed for too long and I have to rip/reknit a lot of work.

  3. You’re tempting me with this shawl! I have seen a few people knit it now and it does look good. Hm. May have to give it some thought. Lovely work! I also like the way the colours of your shawl are not too colourful, as you say. That’s a definite plus.

  4. Absolute stunning shawl!!
    and yes, I think it would be brilliant to be able to earn points for immediately using your leftovers for your hexis.

  5. Such a beautiful color way! I don’t think I would have ever picked it out myself, but I love it. This shawl has been on my list forever. Seeing yours makes me want to cast on one for myself even more. Beautiful as always.

    • It is a colour that I’m also not sure why I picked it, it’s not my usual go to colour. But I’m glad I stepped out of my colour comfort zone for once 🙂 And I’m looking forward to what your version will look like!

  6. Your finished shawl looks so beautiful!! What a knockout FO, I bet you’ll get a lot of wear out of it. Something that beautiful, who wouldn’t want to wear it all the time?!

    • I agree, I think this is one of those projects you can easily get a lot of wear out. The colour is easily matched with all kinds of outfits and the weather is cool enough most of the time to benefit from a nice shawl.

  7. knitter credits would be awesome – except I wouldn’t earn any, I haven’t knit a hexipuff in over a year! need to start that up again… I love the shawl, and I know exactly what you mean by colourful/not too colourful! It looks beautiful and I hope you love wearing it! jenny xx

    • You could easily earn some points with other good knitting behaviour though, I remember you reknit an entire sweater and made something you loved way more, that’s about a 1000 points for you! 🙂

  8. You are such a good little knitter! Yes! 😀
    Your shawl is gorgeous, and your hexipuffs are lovely. What’s the thing with these by the way? I see hexipuffes everywhere, and now I want to make mine too, even if I have no idea what to do with those…

    • The hexipuffs are quite a nifty way to use up leftovers, if you have enough you can make them into a beekeepers quilt. Although to be honest at the rate I’m going it’ll be 10 years before I’ll actually have a quilt, but I’m slowly getting there, 1 hexipuff at a time 😉

  9. this turned out soooo pretty!!! and knitting credits….oooo; I think I earned a couple when I made a mini christmas ornament immediately from some finished socks. (The fact that I had no other yarn with me on vacation….does NOT count against me, does it?)

  10. Hi, I saw your blog today and find it wonderful! This shawl is really beautiful!
    I will be following your blog from now on, already curious about your next projects!
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

  11. Oh, this looks very pretty! I love the subtle variations in colour in the yarn. I’m not normally much of a fan of variegated yarns (at least for socks), but it works so well in this project that I feel encouraged to perhaps use up my variegated stash by knitting a few shawls…

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