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Hello dear little blog space of mine, it’s been so long since I’ve visited and even longer since I last had an FO to share. Luckily, I have finally finished and handed in my PhD thesis, so this is all about to change! Now I can proudly share my first FO of 2018.

Pattern: Invincible Summer shawl by Susanne Sommer (published in issue 2 of Laine magazine)
Yarn: Spingodin sock yarn in the colours veenhout, hunebed, sneeuwuil & mos

This was such a perfect winter knit for me. Firstly, because I loved working with all the muted grey colours and then getting to finish it up with a pop of bright green. Secondly, because this is a truly massive shawl that I can fully wrap myself in during these still very cold winter days.

The shawl is triangular and looks like a whole bunch of garter stitch (which is obviously true), but is very interesting to knit nonetheless. Along the spine of the shawl, as well as the border, you get to work lots of brioche stitch, alternating between one and two colour brioche. Susanne Sommer has published tons of shawl designs which incorporate brioche, all equally stunning. After already finishing the Cosmic Wonder brioche shawl last year I am completely sold on the idea and will hopefully make tons more.

I pretty much followed the muted colour palette as it is published in the magazine, but this could easily be the perfect shawl to work up all those single skeins of bright speckled yarn you have lying around. I’m happy I got to use a Dutch dyer for this shawl, it’s always nice to see what amazing yarns fellow-dutchies can create. I truly love all four of these colours and could easily imagine myself using them again to make a sweater (which is secretly my 2018 knitting goal, year of the sweater anyone?).

What knits are you working on this winter?

5 thoughts on “FO: Invincible Summer shawl

  1. Massive congratulations on finishing the Phd thesis! ? Your blog struggles sound recognizable, hope you can look forward to a year with ALL the extra creativity now! ?

    Love the shawl, the green is exactly the right amount of pop to brighten up the shawl while keeping the beautifully subdued overall look!

  2. Congrats on finishing your thesis! I’m sure that is a weight lifted off of your shoulders.

    The shawl is quite lovely. I’m a fan of being cozy and having a giant shawl to cuddle in sounds like just the ticket.

  3. Huge congratulations on handing in your thesis. I hope that you celebrated with some new yarn 🙂
    The shawl is gorgeous. Beautiful colors. Love how brioche stitches are incorporated throughout the design but the effect is very subtle.

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