FO: Home Grown Socks

2017 is certainly giving me a sock-y start. Pair nr. 2 of this year again feels like it just flew off my needles.

Pattern: Home Grown by Jessica Gore
Yarn: Stranded Dyeworks Oasis in Naive Watercolour

I’m a little surprised by myself for knitting two pairs of toe up socks in a row, and you know what? I actually didn’t mind all that much. Sure, give me the option and cuff down is what I’ll pick, but having repeated the toe up way a couple of times now, at least it feels less wrong.

This pattern is very easy to memorise, so it was perfect for mindless after work knitting. Actually these socks accompanied me while blasting through all of the seasons of Orphan Black. Anyone else watched this show? I really loved it and cannot wait for the next season.

The yarn and pattern are a match made in heaven in my opinion. I adore the colours in the yarn and knew I shouldn’t let them be overwhelmed by a super busy pattern. I think the slice of stockinette running over the front of the foot is perfect for showing off the variegated yarn, and the lace and texture helped with keeping the knitting interesting. I’m one happy sock owner.

(here’s a bonus picture of Sibbe showing off her posing skills)

And now I’m finally doing what I wanted to start the year with; finishing old WIPs. This Asklöv hat was started in September I think so it’s about time I finished it. The twisted ribbed brim was a pain in the ass to knit, but the colourwork is more than making up for it!

8 thoughts on “FO: Home Grown Socks

  1. I’m not a fan of twisted rib either 🙂 I love that you did toe up even though you love top down, you are a better open minded knitter than me 🙂 lovely socks!

  2. You will definitely turn me into sock knitting one day 🙂 The colorwork on your hat is just wonderful – so delicate…

  3. I’m am so impressed with the knitting that is jumping off of your needles. I love the socks. (I mean, who couldn’t love socks?) That hat looks lovely too. I’ve started looking around to see if I can get my hands on a copy of that issue of Pom Pom just for that pattern.

  4. Those socks are delightful! I love the hat as well-twisted rib is such a pain to knit, but it looks so lovely!

  5. Those are beautiful socks, well done you!! And I hear you on how twisted rib is a pain for hat brims- I’ve decided next hat I knit that calls for it, I’m just going to do normal ribbing instead!

  6. Your sock knitting game is on fire this year! Another gorgeous pair. I need to give toe up socks another chance. My previous ones turned out ok but the cuff bind off was too loose.

    It looks like Sibbe wanted those socks for herself!

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