FO: Henslowe shawl

I’m leaving for my 3-week Canadian adventure tomorrow morning, which means I’ve had quite the hectic week. There were a couple of things that needed finishing before me leaving, firstly finishing my grandmother’s shawl, secondly loads of work stuff that would give me some peace of mind knowing they’d be finished, then I wanted to clean my house and lastly of course I needed to pack my bags. My house is clean-ish, my work is done-ish, my bags are packed-ish, but this shawl is properly done!

Henslowe3 Henslowe2

Pattern: Henslowe shawl by Beth Kling
Yarn: Araucania Botany Lace colour 2118


I’m very pleased with how the shawl came out. It was a super fast knit, except for the knitted on border which was a bit fiddly, and thus time consuming. But I mainly experienced it as such because I was in a rush, I can really recommend the pattern!


The yarn knit up like a dream, the finished product is so soft and the way it drapes is stunning. It’s been a bit difficult to capture the correct colour in pictures, but in any case it is very pretty. It’s not a colour I’d normally wear, but I’m actually sad to see this shawl go. I can totally imagine myself wearing this all of the time.

Hopefully my grandmother will love this too and gets to wear it loads this fall. Now I am off to catch some zzz’s before all the travel tomorrow will bring. If anyone has any (yarn store) recommendations in either BC or Alberta let me know!

22 thoughts on “FO: Henslowe shawl

  1. I like that shawl very much! The colour, the style,… wish I was your grandmother 😉
    Wishing you a very good trip to Canada, have a good time!

  2. Hope you have the best best BEST vacation….and Grandma is going to be head over heels in love with this shawl (and you!) I think we’re going to be gone traveling the same time you are….wishing my house was clean-ish, and things were done-ish!!! I am sort of pack-ished, but for me the problem with packing early is that I keep finding ‘just one more thing’ to toss in the bag. Not good when traveling ‘light’.
    Safe travels….see you when you get back. What is your travel knitting? (mine is the settler shawl….I’ve made the Henslowe once but my yarn was a bit fluffier??? than yours and I like yours so much better. I could still switch patterns. hmmmmmm???? just one more thing in my bag???)

  3. Beautiful!! 🙂 ahh the hardships of being a knitter.. Buying the yarn, looking at all those amazing patterns, knitting the project, washing it and the magic of blocking… Isn’t it odd that giving something so precious away can make a person so happy? <3 knitting for people who appreciate it is the best feeling ever 🙂

    Hope you have an amazing trip!

  4. The photography of this shawl is stunning! I love the color and the pattern, I bet your grandmother will be thrilled when she sees this, hard not to!

  5. Your grandmother is going to love her beautiful shawl! Such a lovely color and goes so well with the pattern. I hope that you are having a wonderfully fun time in Canada!

  6. What a beautiful present to give your grandmother. Are you going to make a Henslowe for yourself? If so, what color?

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