FO: Grady shawl

So the frogging fiasco of last week hurt my knitting heart a little, but nothing that the finishing of this shawl couldn’t heal.

Pattern: Grady by JumperCables
Yarn: Wollelfe Gradient Merino Twin in Kingfisher Teal

There’s something awfully therapeutic about knitting stockinette and garter stitch, no? I loved putting my frustrations into this shawl and watching the effect of the gradient unfold.

Grady3 Grady2

I’d say this is a perfect pattern for showing off a gradient yarn. I think I’d certainly knit it again, but maybe next time make the shawl even bigger so that I can fully wrap myself in it. I am so so happy with the yarn as well, Wollelfe did such an awesome job dying this up and it’s bliss wearing this around my neck. An A++ project altogether.
Grady7 Grady

In the meantime I restarted working on my cardigan last weekend and have a feeling this attempt might actually be in my size, fingers crossed!

15 thoughts on “FO: Grady shawl

  1. I love those colours and have added the yarn to my favourites so I can buy it later (first need to use up some stash – cue hysterical laughter). What yardage did you use for your shawl?

  2. Gorgeous! You are so right about how beautifully the gradient works with this pattern. It’s the perfect size to wear draped around the neck like you have it in the last two pics. Also, I love your album wall art 🙂

  3. Just a stunning shawl. Sometimes simplicity can really just be so beautiful – you perfectly paired this pattern and yarn. A nice big, chunky shawl like this would be so stunning for winter (now that oversized scarves/wraps are all the rage). As always, beautiful knitting. Good luck on your sweater. Second time’s the charm. 😉

  4. Beautiful! I love gradients so much, and it’s so wonderful to find patterns that are so well suited to them!

  5. The gradient looks just perfect! Very elegant and beautiful shawl! And you are so right about basic stitches – no matter how much I love complicated stitch patterns, I always come back to good old stockinette, so relaxing!

  6. gosh, this is a pretty one!!!! I’m sure it’s helping getting your mojo back for that cardi!!! I very very successful FO to start this wintery wooly season!!!

  7. ooh, what a beautiful shawl!!! And I love that it gets lighter towards the edge rather than the other way around. Adds an airiness to it, like clouds in a blue sky.

  8. The colors of that shawl match the sky so perfectly. I love watching the sky go from bright blue to a dark almost purple in the evening. Not just anyone can say they get to wear the sky around their neck.

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