FO: Flying North Socks

So I didn’t have any strict resolutions for this year, but I did think it made sense to finish some old WIPs before starting new things. So I picked up a shawl I hadn’t worked on for a couple of months and the stitch count made NO sense at all. I swear I stuck with figuring it out for maybe an afternoon, but by the end of January 1st there was a new pair of socks on my needles.

Pattern: Flying North by Maria Montzka
Yarn: Spectrum Fibre sock yarn in Koi colourway

I think there’s no need for me to say that part of the attraction of casting on is this out of this world yarn. I’ve been discovering a wealth of indie dyers in the last year and I love how despite the fact that they all dye yarn, there’s still this signature look you can find back in the colours. I think when you’ll peep through some of the other colourways from Spectrum Fibre you’ll see what I mean.

Neon orange and green is not a bad start of a year right? Some brightness into this grey winter now that the Christmas lights have disappeared. The pattern is one that appeared on my list of a great match for speckled yarns and I love these two together.

Knitting these feels like a slightly more interesting version of a vanilla sock. The pattern is very straightforward and easy to remember. A relaxing knit which kept me company during the last week of my winter break.

The next pair is also already on the needles btw (two toe-up socks in a row, insaaaane!!). Another gorgeous yarn by an indie dyer, Stranded Dyeworks and the pattern is Home Grown.

10 thoughts on “FO: Flying North Socks

  1. Love those socks! I’m trying to get my two languishing blanket projects done before spring-they’re both bulky, so shouldn’t take too long, but I don’t want to have those as WIPs for another year for sure!

  2. You’ve got me hunting for new yarn. I’m just in love with the bright, but not too high contrast sock yarn you’ve managed to find.

  3. Thank you for listing the Independent Dyers. I am always a bit leery as I like a lot of spring to my sock yarns. I’ll go see if they have some blends I like. Im all about socks right now.

  4. You are definitely going to turn me into a sock knitter one day 🙂 I love every single one you create!!! And the floor – is it pink?!!! LOVE it!

  5. Gosh, I love everything about this pair! The yarn is gorgeous and is beautifully highlighted by the pattern. Yet another new to me indie dyer that I will have to check out!

  6. those socks are so beautiful!! And hooray for supporting indie dyers, I agree with you that there are some really distinctive dyers doing genius work. Case and point, your new finished socks, and newly cast on socks!

  7. Love hearing about great indie-dyers. That yarn is gorgeous! As usual you pick the perfect patterns that don’t mask or hide the pattern, but still show off everything.

  8. Love all those socks. Such cozy colorful coolly designed socks. Just right for playing footsie as well.

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