FO: Evening Stockings for a Young Lady

Nothings beats finishing a pair of knee socks in the middle of one of the hottest weeks of the year. Ok, actually lots of things can beat that, like a cold drink or a swimming pool. But hey, if not to wear at least it’s a stunning pair to behold.

Pattern: Evening Stockings for a Young Lady by Nancy Bush
Yarn: The contrasting colour is leftover Sweet Fiber Super Sweet Sock and the gray is Schoppel Wolle Admiral

The reason I cast these on was because after finishing up my Golden Leaves socks I figured I had enough of the beautiful yarn left to use it as a contrasting colour. And since there’s no way of doing any wrong with combining gray and yellow, and neither is it ever a bad idea to make knee socks, the idea for these came to life.

This was such an easy pair to knit, the lace pattern is easy to memorise, and it does go on for ages. I actually get a lot of wear out of knee socks, because most of winter I’m a boots person. I can imagine the splash of yellow popping out of the top of a pair of boots is going to look awesome.


11 thoughts on “FO: Evening Stockings for a Young Lady

  1. Those are absolutely lovely! I adore the grey and yellow together-those are going to be such a treat this fall and winter!

  2. You have got to be feeling really great finishing up such an ambitious project! I’ll bet there are as many stitches in those socks as there would be in a sweater.

  3. Do beautiful!! I love the ‘grellow’ combo, and the lace detail is really awesome. And sure, it’s crazy hot now… but in a month we’ll all be signing a different tune.

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