FO: Dreamweaver socks

It feels like these socks flew off my needles, and with a ‘construction time’ of less than 2 weeks, for me this is indeed pretty fast.

Pattern: Dreamweaver socks by Ana Campos
Yarn: Stranded Dyeworks Oasis in the Balloon colourway

This pattern was so easy to remember, but requires some computational power, so I enjoyed knitting this a great deal. The heel is definitely different than anything I’ve done before, but to my surprise gives a great fit. However, once again I’ve knit a rather tight sock (the same issue I ran into with my mash potato socks). I think the issue lies partly in that these specific patterns aren’t particularly stretchy, and partly in that I am in the want of knitting my socks on a smaller needle size (I like the stitch definition and the fabric better) and am still finetuning what I need exactly to make this result in a nicely fitting sock. I’ve always knit my socks on 2.5mm and am now switching more and more to 2.25mm. On 2.5mm I can knit a great pair of socks blindly, on 2.25mm I’m still finding my way. Nonetheless, the socks do fit, even if they need a little bit of encouragement to fit over my heel.

Stranded Dyeworks might sound familiar, as it’s already my second time using it for socks this year. At the beginning of the year I knit the Home Grown socks out of the same yarn. I think there’s something about subtle variegated yarn that is really speaking to my soul at the moment. And I just happen to find all of the patterns that will match fantastically with it, so who am I to fight this urge.

8 thoughts on “FO: Dreamweaver socks

  1. Those socks are so lovely, I love the colors in the yarn so much! It’s tough to readjust our personal sock preferences- I tried changing needle sizes a while back and it really threw me off. Hopefully you perfect your sock fit again soon!

  2. I know what you mean! I can knit a fingering weight sock with no problems. I’ve been knitting a sport weight sock out of some handspun and I think I have knit three socks at this point. It’s all knit, knit, rip, rip.

  3. those socks certainly look GREAT on your feet….even if they needed the encouragement over the heel! and I totally understand how that little difference in needle size can make a huge difference in the socks…..I tend to grab my 2.25 no matter what size the pattern says….!!!

  4. such beautiful socks, and I love the candy coloured yarn, as well! Funny how making small changes can have a huge impact on your knitting – ripping back multiple times gets old quickly!

  5. Wow. I love the subtleties of that color, it pairs so well with that pattern. Very inspiring for someone who is addicted to sock knitting.

  6. Beautiful pairing of pattern and yarn! The balloon colorway is so perfectly summery. I have been stalking Amy’s website but always miss the updates due to the time difference. She really is a talented dyer. Thank you so much for recommending her podcast too! It’s one of my faves now.

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