At the end of the Rainbow


Hurrah, I’ve finished my Rainbow Wanderer socks! It feels a little mismatched to finish such cheerful socks, with the weather outside being so dreary and grey, but I very much love them nonetheless. Somehow I like the contradiction, maybe in the future I should knit Christmas sweaters in summer.

Pattern: Rainbow Wanderer
Yarn: Leftover Rico Design cotton stretch and my super lovely mini skeinbow from Happy Go Lucky



My expectations for this pattern was fidgety colourwork and threads of yarn all over the place, and both actually weren’t that bad. The colourwork construction is super easy and with just a little bit of effort, major rainbow knots are easily avoided. The rest of the sock construction is also fairly easy, and I really liked the structure in the form of varying forms of rain(downpour, shower and drizzle). In the beginning I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to use a white background or maybe baby blue or grass green, but I think this combination works nicely. Plus the white was leftover yarn, so win-win!

I also still have rainbow yarn left, so I was thinking of making some fingerless mitts with a rainbow on the side. Although for now I’m happy to go back to knitting with a maximum of two threads, at least a little while.


As a little bonus I give you these pictures of my cat. As a rule, whenever I bring out the camera to photograph my knitting he gets super jealous and will lie on my work or do whatever necessary to prevent me from getting decent pictures. This time however he made the (nearly) fatal error of sniffing my feet (surely not a good idea). I captured the precious moment on camera of course.

After a good whiff of odeur de smelly feet he gave me this look of utter disappointment.

RainbowCat2 After this he quickly scurried away to a safer area. Poor mister cat. In the meantime I hope that in the future my knitting photography will be less hindered by my feline friend.

25 thoughts on “At the end of the Rainbow

  1. These socks are amazing! They’re *almost* awesome enough to make me want to knit socks again. Congrats on finishing them.

  2. beautiful socks, love the rainbow stripes that curve up to the cuff! and the cat makes the last photo the best photo.

  3. Those socks are amazing! I love them so much – they are just so bright and happy. The perfect socks for dreary winter time. My puppy, Rufus, also gets in the way of my photography – trying to sit on me, lick my face, sit on my knitting, roll on my knitting – you name it. It’s a pet thing, I think. 🙂

    • It must be a pet thing indeed! Although my dog is quite the opposite, get the camera out he does his best sad face. He always looks so depressed in pictures! And once the camera is away he’s smiling again.

  4. your rainbow socks are perfection! THey turned out so well, and they make make me happy just looking at them. Love it!

  5. I am completely in love with these socks! Brilliant knitting, Tahnee.
    Personally I think Mister cat adds to the photoshoot. 🙂

  6. I think that these are the coolest socks I’ve seen in a long while! Love how the rainbow colors pop against the white. I am not much of a sock knitter (a pair takes me forever to finish) but very tempted to try out this pattern.
    That last picture of your mister cat is precious!

  7. OH these are exquisite, they are gorgeous you’ve done such an amazing job I’m oozing jealousy from all my pores ;p well done! I bet you are so happy! I will have to give these ago once day when my knitting improves even more! jenny xx

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