Back on track

I’m in the zone. The house is filled with the sound of the clickety-clack of my needles. And it’s lovely.


I did about a million gauge swatches for my sweater that doesn’t fit and I think I finally found the needle size that works for me. So very optimistically the sweater has been cast on again. I’m not quite as far as the point where I left off my previous version, but by happily stitching along I will get there.

apron2 apron

I’m still going to sewing classes, and although I don’t feel like my skills are drastically improving, the machine is already so much less intimidating. I’m very pleased with how the apron turned out, but my teacher helped me a lot, and without her it wouldn’t even look the least bit like an apron. I think for my next step I’m going to try and make some simple skirts and let some interesting prints do all the talking (it’s perfectly acceptable for a 26-year old to wear a skirt with foxes on it right??).

hyperballad3 hyperballad2

And then there’s this project.. It’s such a joy. I won’t give away too much about it just yet, but somehow the combination of pretty cables, perfect yarn, pretty needles and fun stitch markers make this so relaxing. I don’t even want to finish it, because I’ll be sad if I can’t work on it anymore. Have you ever felt this way about a project?

24 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. I love the apron, it looks very professional. Your fabric choice is right up my alley.

    Your teal/green hat?? looks gorgeous too x

  2. Fox skirts are definitely appropriate! I really love the blueish cabled thing-can’t wait to see more of that!

  3. I agree with others who said foxes are appropriate. Heck, I am nearly 37 (and feeling 20) and I’d wear that skirt!

    I am loving the apron, too. The cables really show in your new knitting project and it even looks like it is the perfect yarn though I can’t touch it. I can’t say I ever felt like I just wanted to keep knitting on something I enjoyed. I am far too excited about the finished object!

  4. foxes would be awesome on a skirt!! and I’m so glad for you that you are back into the swing of knitting again, the green/teal mystery cabled item is looking lovely and gorgeous, can’t wait to read more about it 🙂 and good on you getting that jumper started again – the one I am making right now is too big too, but I can’t stand the idea of unravelling again, plus I think (HOPE) it will be ‘fashionably’ too big :p jenny xxxx

  5. Oh man I love the blue green yarn- so pretty…feels like the ocean, very pretty pattern. You are definitely on a roll here with your lovely knits and fabby apron!!!

  6. Oh that turquoise yarn looks so soft and squishy! Gorgeous! I’m glad you got back on the stripey sweater again.

  7. Yes, I’m with you on the foxes on skirts!! I was just talking with a friend yesterday about wanting to learn to sew. Must be in the air 🙂 I also totally get sucked into projects and don’t want them to end…but I do also love the end point too because then you get to wear it and remember how much you loved working on it!

  8. oooh, I’m so glad you are loving your ‘mystery cables’ 😉

    And heck yes, you can wear a fox skirt at 26- I’m a decade older than that and I wear fox print on just about everything!

  9. Yep- I have felt that way about many projects! Happy to hear that you feel you are on the right path with your sweater. That sweater is going to be much loved considering the frustrations you have has with it. Probably end up being a favorite.
    Well done on that fabulous apron!

  10. For me the scary thing about sewing is definitely the machine. It seems to have a mind of its own. Perhaps I need to take lessons as well?

  11. Hi,
    Is it time yet to share the new pattern used with the teal/green yarn? Also can you share the details for all the yarns pictured above? Just stunning and I’d love to be able to review and purchase. Thanks.

    • Hi Lynn,
      I’ll post all the info about the yarn and pattern for the green project on the blog this Saturday! 🙂 The red sweater I’m knitting is made with Lana Grossa cool wool merino.

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