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Arc_en_ciel3 Thanks to everyone for the very helpful yarn suggestions for baby knits! My urgency of casting something on just became a little bigger, because apparently my friends baby shower is in less than 2 weeks, so my needles had to start clicking.

Arc_en_ciel One pattern that stood out for me while browsing Ravelry was the Petit Arc-en-Ciel cardigan, because I have the perfect yarn for the rainbow! You might remember the skeinbow I also used for my Rainbow Wanderer socks, and there’s still plenty left for making this pretty little yoke. I found a fingering weight yarn that is supposedly machine washable (Lana Grossa Cool Wool Baby) so I’m hoping this cardi will be a hit for the mom to be. In any case knitting this is making me HAPPY! Combined with the budging spring weather it’s difficult not to get cheerful from this project. And reallly, there’s no going wrong with a knitted rainbow is there?

And since I’m optimistic about my knitting speed I also decided to make one additional gift. I’ve been adoring the Little Cotton Rabbits patterns for ages and always told myself I’d make one once I’d needed a baby gift. So I’m going to make the Bunny Girl in a Dotty Dress with this Drops Saffran. Drops_safran

Now I’m going to have to continue knit knit knitting to finish all of this on time, happy Sunday everyone!

11 thoughts on “Baby knits

  1. the girl bunny in the dotted dress is what I’ve been making for baby gifts lately, too!!! (a couple of brand new moms, though, are getting blankets….if my yarn ever arrives!!!!!)

  2. You’re certainly going to be busy the next couple of weeks, but these knits look adorable! I love all the bright and cheerful colors you’re using 😀

  3. such fabuous pattern choices!! the yoke is already so fantastic. And good call on the knitted bunny! Ive knit a lot of toys and they are extremely well received as gifts. Kids and grown ups seem to love them.

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