The art of travel knitting

Tomorrow I’m leaving on a holiday to Denmark and I am EXCITED! It’s been years since the last time I went on holiday by car, which is a shame. I love road trips, and I hate packing for trips by plane. So for this trip I basically have unlimited luggage, and obviously I’m most excited about packing all my knitting.

Jus to give you an idea; I’m going to a summer house by the sea for 1,5 weeks and my plan is to simply be relaxed. Which leads to the question of how much knitting I’ll need to bring. This is everything I have got packed right now (minus the cat tail in the upper right, as much as she’d like to Iva cannot join unfortunately): 2 sock WIPs, a jumper WIP, a to be cast on shawl and two completely non existent socks. Remember, this is for 1,5 weeks. Surely this is enough? There’s just no way I’d come pack from this trip with a finished jumper, a finished shawl and 4 pairs of socks. I mean.. 1,5 weeks right?

Still.. You just don’t know.. What if I run out of yarn and I find myself in a summer house by the sea without knitting?! I guess I’d have to find a yarn shop then. Hmm.. maybe this isn’t all that bad after all.

And in case you are wondering, I’m bringing 6 books (I usually finish around 10 books a year).


*runs back to the yarn stash to pack more yarn*

13 thoughts on “The art of travel knitting

  1. It sounds like you have enough projects to last for several vacations. Maybe after a week and a half you can forget to go home.

  2. A seaside getaway sounds heavenly! You can never pack too much yarn for a trip so this looks just about right to me! I always like a variety of projects while on vacation because you never know what knitting mood you will be in. Same goes for books. Enjoy and have fun….and here’s hoping that you find an awesome yarn shop along the way 🙂

    • Couldn’t agree more! I really tried to take all sorts, with both the books and the knitting. Turned out I was in a sock knitting and big fat novel kind of mood in the end 🙂

  3. Haha, sounds like me 🙂 I always “overpack” yarn – the idea of being left knitting-less is terrifying to me! Have a wonderful time, enjoy your very well deserved break!

  4. looks like you will be set with enough projects to work on while away on your trip! and books too! hope you have a good time!

  5. It sounds like the perfect holiday. Enjoy it! I also miss going to a holiday destination by car, but we don’t own one so it’s public transport or plane for us, I fear. This year I am going to the seaside, too, but I am not sure I will bring knitting. I probably should! I could actually finish the socks I have been knitting for months now…

  6. we’re heading to the beach in about a month…only for a week, but I’m taking your advice and REALLY overpacking (we’re driving, too!). I love that pile of knitting…and the fact that you have 6 books!!! (I really must add to my book pile…who knows —- if you pack a bummer, you definitely need alternate choices, right?!?) (Looking forward to the vacation, post!)

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