All of the blueish greenish greatness (with a splash of yellow)

Have you noticed something a little off about me lately? Well I certainly have. I just did the maths, and it has been over 6 months since I finished my last pair of socks!! As a self proclaimed sock knitting addict (I officially have to hand in this title now) this is unacceptable. Sure, I fiddled around with some socks in the meantime, but there was no dedication, nothing got finished. Time for a change!


I got one of my fanciest sock yarns out of my stash, a beautiful gift I got for christmas. It’s sock yarn by Spun Right Round in the Martian Got Moves (ha!) colourway. Do I mean the same sort of sock yarn I used for my ever favourite Prairie Spring socks? Hell yes it’s the same, and it is just as amazing as that speckled graffiti spectacle was. I am so excited about it that I took a picture of the sole of the sock-to-be, which I guess normally might not be the most interesting part of a sock ever.


I had fantastic yarn, I picked out a pattern that I thought fit it like a glove (or a sock, if you like), so what could possibly rain on my sock knitting parade? Never underestimate my readiness to be grumpy about unreasonable things! As I was about to cast on, feeling like I was back in my element, I discovered the pattern was written toe up. UGH! Toe up socks. I made loud disgruntled noises, I sat on the couch pouting, I might’ve sworn off sock knitting altogether for 5 minutes or so (yes, I am aware converting the charts to cuff down is also an option).

But surely knitting toe up rather than cuff down can’t be that bad? Well to me it is. It’s feels all kinds of wrong. Starting a sock to me should be a zero thoughts kind of thing. I know how to do cuffs, I can do them in my sleep. I like the idea that I can cast on any kind of sock at any time of day, at any stage of wakefulness. Casting on toes requires thinking, it potentially requires provisional cast ons, it requires more thoughts than ‘do I want my cuff k2p2 or maybe a twisted knit?’. It’s like exercising in the morning really, I’ll never be that person. I start my things easy. Anyway, I’m an adult, and I totally got over my unreasonable grumpiness, and cast on my sock. I am loving the result so far. The pattern-yarn combo might seem a little sqooshed (this is totally a word) at the moment, but trust me, when you put on the sock and the pattern opens up, it works fantastically.


And in other news about all things blueish greenish, I got a little reason to celebrate last week. My first ever first author paper of my phd got accepted into a proper scientific journal! Major milestone, so I figured I earned some celebratory yarn. Would I also have bought yarn if the paper got rejected and termed it consolatory yarn? Maybe.. Anyway, I finally jumped on the gradient train and went for 600 meters of merino fingering weight by Wollelfe in the Kingfisher Teal colourway. I want to make the Grady shawl with it, I just need to make the difficult decision if I want to knit this cake inside out or outside in, given that the shawl is knit inside out (got it?). Any thoughts?

*** Disclaimer: I acknowledge to the fullest that this post might be considered as enabling to the purchasing of yarn. However, I can not be held responsible for any purchases resulting from the reading of this blog post, but I sincerely apologise for any (permanent) damages to your bank account. If you need any excuses to buy new yarn though, I’d be happy to provide them (as you can see I am expert at coming up with reasons for yarn buying)***


22 thoughts on “All of the blueish greenish greatness (with a splash of yellow)

  1. That sock looks irresistable! So does the yarn. Congrats on your paper acceptance for the journal! That really is a milestone. I’d say you’d celebrate it by buying more yummy sock yarn!

    • Thanks a lot Ine! And oooh never tell me I deserve to buy sock yarn, that is dangerous business 😀 (better start watching out for my next blog post in which I present all the sock yarn I’ve been buying)

  2. Such lovely colors! That sock pattern looks like it’s going to be gorgeous 🙂 I too hate knitting toe-up socks. Glad to see that you have a strong start to this pair!

    • I’d say if I fully commit and knit on it for a bit every evening it takes me about 2 weeks. But I am a relatively slow knitter! I guess if it is plain vanilla socks it could be faster too.

  3. I think that gradient yarn needed to be bought regardless of the reason. But your reason is absolutely fantastic. Congrats!

    As for knitting the gradient, the light blue needs to be on the bottom edge. I think having a thicker section of light blue near the neck will look too distracting, but that is just my two cents.

  4. I am sooo glad I saw that disclaimer at the end, because I was seriously going to berate you for causing all kinds of impending startitis. Love the shawl (will need to buy some gradient—mine is all used up) and I LOVE those socks. Toe up, huh? I have a single toe-up staring at me (literally….it’s on a stretcher that hangs over my computer) and I can’t bring myself to cast on the second sock. Sadly, I LOVE the results. Just hate that fiddly beginning. Time maybe to put on my big girl panties and just do it. Thanks for the motivation.

    • Aah good luck with finishing that second toe-up sock! Yes the results are amazing, just such a shame of the pesky beginning. And I’m glad I won’t be held accountable for any sort of startitis 😀

  5. I say hold on to that title as those socks will put you right back on that list. 🙂
    The disclaimer was hilarious…love it!

  6. Enabling indeed! I want to buy some Wollelfe yarn, too.

    Congratulations on having your first paper accepted. That’s exciting! I hope you get lots of positive feedback and get quoted a lot in other people’s work.

    • Thanks, I am really excited about the paper finally being out! And even though I haven’t started knitting with the Wollelfe yarn yet, I can wholeheartedly recommend it by the looks and feel of it.

  7. love the new socks on the needles and the colorway! I am going to start a pair of socks one day soon. I’m trying to finish a cowl first and it’s taking me longer than usual.

  8. aw man oh man my gosh these yarns are BEAUTIFUL – and so so very many congratulations on the great news! 😀 the socks are looking beautiful too – I’ve only ever made the most simple pair of socks, I ought to treat myself to some yummy wool and make a decent pair like you are 🙂 I promise not to hold this blog post (wholly) responsible 🙂 jenny xx

  9. Love that colorway that you are knitting the socks with! And the disclaimer is so funny but came a little too late for me. Thanks to you, I am now a Spun Right Round addict. Just recently received two more skeins in the mail from her 🙂
    A big congratulations on your phd paper!

  10. Wow, another really gorgeous yarn. That colour looks just delicious, and, as with the shawl in your previous post, I love the subtleness of the colour changes. It’s not solid, yet it also doesn’t have the busy quality of a lot of varietaged yarns.

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