A Trip to the Frog Pond


….rip it….rip it…rip it….

Do you hear that ominous sound? Yep, it’s the sound of the frog pond, which is exactly where this cardigan is heading. Probably the least favourite place for any knitter to visit, but an inevitable trip once you figure out that the cardigan you are knitting (of which the body is halfway done I might add) is about 3 sizes too big for you.

I did make a swatch so I was so confident this one would just work at in one go. But a wise person (me) once told me that about 1% of all swatches are evil. There’s no way of telling them apart from the other good swatches, but the evil swatches are known for whispering false promises into your ears and filling your heart with the wildest dreams of fantastically fitting garments. Well I’m pretty sure my swatch was evil (this is obviously in no way my own fault).

The good news about the massive rippage is:

  1. This was ‘only’ one week of knitting, so practically speaking if I am going to knit a smaller cardigan I could be at the same point within days
  2. I’m unrealistically confident that I will get the size right this time
  3. I am loving this yarn-pattern combo (Malabrigo Sock and Lorem Ipsum) so I’m sure the finished project will be well loved

For now I’ll stick to knitting my Grady shawl to comfort me a little, and with a little luck this will be done soon and it can hug me on my second attempt at cardigan greatness.


11 thoughts on “A Trip to the Frog Pond

  1. Oh I shouldn’t laugh, but I was chuckling while I read about your unfulfilled swatch dreams and over confidence, that I always always have as well when I’m knitting. Frogging is the worst, but like you say it could have been worse! (I get teary over unravelling 2 hours of knitting though, so I can’t talk). What you have done is splendid though so it will be doubly splendid when knit to the right size 🙂 jenny xx

  2. Oh noooo! But better to jump in the frog pond than have a finished too large sweater. Just think of the first attempt as a giant swatch. It might also be a good idea to wash & block your swatch since the pattern involves open lacework which tends to stretch out.

  3. Your post made me laugh 🙂 Evil swatches – can’t say it better 🙂 I’ve come across some of them on my knitting journey. Good for you to start it all over again!

  4. ugh, it happens to all of us, doesn’t it! Better to frog now then keep going with something that isn’t working. Gorgeous colour, though- The next vesion will be awesome!

  5. Yup, been there as well. I must admit I’m with Jenny on the teary-eyes front. We should find a way to root out the evil ones, maybe with a pendulum or a dowsing rod? And by root out, obviously, I mean find them and give them a warm hug and re-education, so as to make them fully sizeable swatches in knit-society again.

    I think your WIP looks pretty good though! The FO is going to be great 🙂

  6. soooo sorry about the frogging but if you’re not happy now you will not be happy later. I’ve frogged entire sweaters because of my ignorance. I hope that next time around you are thrilled!!

  7. I always feel better when knowing that there are other’s who feel it necessary to frog at times. Obviously I am sorry you had to, but at least you have a positive outlook!

  8. Commiserations! It will be a beautiful cardi if you give it another go. The colours is lovely in this stitch pattern too. For now I shall look forward to your shawl instead.

  9. and all these years I’ve blamed myself for poorly fitting sweaters!!! I should have known it was the evil swatch fairy (who, by the way, visits me wayyyyy too often!!!!)

  10. Oh no! Swatches lie anyway. Yarn is gorgeous though, it definitely deserves to be a cardigan you will love and wear 🙂

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