Owl inspiration


Owls, I absolutely love them. They’re both cute and majestic and have inspired many a knitting designer. One of the reasons I decided to get seriously into knitting was an owl inspired sweater, so I’ve put together 5 of my favourite owl inspired knitting patterns!

5. Sleepy owl by KnittingPony


Because owls get sleepy too. Imagine having your own owl to snuggle up to on the coach, what a hoot! Some crocheting involved.

4. Viking Ugla by Hilde Aas


Viking owls, ha! I bet owls would make awesome vikings. And although actual viking owls will most likely stay in my fantasy forever, hopefully these socks will be in my sock drawer soon.

3. Owl Mittens by SpillyJane


What’s not to love about these cute owlie mittens? The colours in this picture are already perfect but I can also imagine many other variations. How about the main colour in a yarn with long colour repeats? Bonus, the pattern is also available as socks!

2. The Woodsy Association by Tiny Owl Knits


 The best thing about these fingerless mitts is that they feature barn owls, which are, if I was forced to choose, the prettiest of all owls. Once you’ve finished knitting up these you can proudly join in singing the Woodsy Association Fight Song! The pattern also includes patterns for wolfs, badgers, and deer.

1. Owls by Kate Davies


This sweater has over 7000(!!) project on raverly! Besides that this is actually the most important reason I got serious about knitting. I saw a picture of it online but couldn’t purchase the sweater anywhere, the only option seemed to knit it myself. Now a couple of years later I have to admit I still haven’t come round to knitting it, mainly because I want it to come out perfect and I’m not sure I can live up to my own expectations just yet. But I always have this sweater in the back of my mind somewhere, and who knows, maybe 2014 will be the year I finally knit the owl sweater.

Know any other great owl patterns, share them in the comments!


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