The ministry of silly hats

I don’t know about where you’re living but here the weather is slowly becoming more rainy and less warm, which must mean Fall is approaching. Not to alarm you or anything but it is almost September after all. And the beginning of Fall marks the beginning of knitting season starting again (unless you are like me, when every season is knitting season). Usually it is a good idea to slowly break into knitting season by starting off with some small things that will help cope with the approaching colder weather. In other words, it’s time to start knitting hats! And if there is one thing I really love it is silly hats, the sillier the better. So to mark this occasion I’ve compiled a list of the best silly hat knitting patterns. And let me start by saying that it is amazing just how many silly hat patterns are in existence. Major props to all the quirky knitters out there for letting their inner silly hat fantasies out into the open!

5. Fish (dead or alive) by Thelma Egberts
This hat is amazingly silly, yet still amazingly wearable (or maybe that is just me actually). The main thing I like about it is the many modifications you can make with it. Colour-wise you can go in any sort of direction. Maybe you feel like trout, or maybe like salmon, and you can directly work this into your new favourite hat. Oh and the pattern is free!


4. Brain by Alana Noritake
Besides being a fanatic knitter I’m actually also a PhD student. And can you guess what field my PhD is in? Yes, it’s neuroscience. So anything combining my day job and my favourite hobby makes me super happy. If I’d wear this to work it’d get stolen within seconds. The only problem I would have with knitting this hat is that I would have to align the gyri and sulci correctly, which is probably impossible. So maybe I better skip on this one. Still, this hat is amazing!

brainhat  3. Duck hat by Emily Ringelman
Better not wear this during hunting season! I love that the earflaps are actually the little duck feat, very cleverly done. The only way to make this hat any better if is the duck would actually quack.


2. Unicorn by Brittany Tyler
It has a rainbow coloured mane, it has a horn, what more can I say? This hat will keep your head warm and fabulous. And there’s even little horse ears, so cute! unicornhat

1. Bearded Viking Helmet by Holly Priestley
As far as silly hats go, this is the one that for me takes the cake. And besides the hat being silly I’d also like to point out the practical point of it, because not only will you have a warm head, you will also have a comfortably warm beard area, for those of us that are a bit challenged in the natural beard department (a.k.a. women). Plus, you will be feared far and wide thanks to your instant transformation into fierce viking.


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