FO: Vinnland socks

Pattern: Vinnland by Becca Compton
Yarn: Spun Right Round Superwash Sock 80/20 in colourway Martian Got Moves

I’m back in the sock knitting game with finally another pair added to my collection 😀 I know I sounded particularly grumpy about the toe up construction in the last post, but I got over myself and after initial grumpiness about the toe it was smooth sailing to be honest.


Somehow the toe instructions in the pattern confused me a bit, so I simply went with this Knitty tutorial for short row toes, only to later find out the designer also made a tutorial especially for the pattern (woops). Anyway, the pattern after that is really simple to follow. With a 16 row repeat it is a bit too long to fully memorise, but after 2 repeats I just needed to glance at the next row and I knew what would follow.

I used the Fish Lips Kiss heel, which already gave me a good fit in some of my other socks and again I have no complaints (this pattern is really worth the investment if you’re a frequent sock knitter, especially if you occasionally struggle with holes at the sides of your heels). I cast off using this version of Jenny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off. The rest of my pattern notes can be found on the Ravelry project page.

And do I still need to say anything about the yarn? I already raved about the great colour last week, and gushed about how much I loved working with it when I made my Prairie Spring socks. I think it suffices to say that my love for this yarn remains unchanged. And luckily for me I have another skein lying around that I got gifted for Christmas!


And I’ve kind of already cast on a new project, I’ll just leave it with this picture of a pile of old pink garter stitch, soon more!

PS: I’ve done a tiny website update, in case you’re wondering what the floaty black square is that is following you around, it’s a menu bar. So far it can take you to an About Me section, the main section of the blog or a list of Blogs I love. If you find any mistakes or missing blogs in the list please let me know! My internet kept crashing while I was linking everything, making me redo the list a gazzilion times and sometimes not noticing the things I lost. I alphabetised the list, and yes I spend an entire evening singing the alphabet in order to do so. I’m also working on an FO gallery that links to the blog, but this requires me organising all my pictures, so don’t hold your breath 😉


All of the blueish greenish greatness (with a splash of yellow)

Have you noticed something a little off about me lately? Well I certainly have. I just did the maths, and it has been over 6 months since I finished my last pair of socks!! As a self proclaimed sock knitting addict (I officially have to hand in this title now) this is unacceptable. Sure, I fiddled around with some socks in the meantime, but there was no dedication, nothing got finished. Time for a change!


I got one of my fanciest sock yarns out of my stash, a beautiful gift I got for christmas. It’s sock yarn by Spun Right Round in the Martian Got Moves (ha!) colourway. Do I mean the same sort of sock yarn I used for my ever favourite Prairie Spring socks? Hell yes it’s the same, and it is just as amazing as that speckled graffiti spectacle was. I am so excited about it that I took a picture of the sole of the sock-to-be, which I guess normally might not be the most interesting part of a sock ever.


I had fantastic yarn, I picked out a pattern that I thought fit it like a glove (or a sock, if you like), so what could possibly rain on my sock knitting parade? Never underestimate my readiness to be grumpy about unreasonable things! As I was about to cast on, feeling like I was back in my element, I discovered the pattern was written toe up. UGH! Toe up socks. I made loud disgruntled noises, I sat on the couch pouting, I might’ve sworn off sock knitting altogether for 5 minutes or so (yes, I am aware converting the charts to cuff down is also an option).

But surely knitting toe up rather than cuff down can’t be that bad? Well to me it is. It’s feels all kinds of wrong. Starting a sock to me should be a zero thoughts kind of thing. I know how to do cuffs, I can do them in my sleep. I like the idea that I can cast on any kind of sock at any time of day, at any stage of wakefulness. Casting on toes requires thinking, it potentially requires provisional cast ons, it requires more thoughts than ‘do I want my cuff k2p2 or maybe a twisted knit?’. It’s like exercising in the morning really, I’ll never be that person. I start my things easy. Anyway, I’m an adult, and I totally got over my unreasonable grumpiness, and cast on my sock. I am loving the result so far. The pattern-yarn combo might seem a little sqooshed (this is totally a word) at the moment, but trust me, when you put on the sock and the pattern opens up, it works fantastically.


And in other news about all things blueish greenish, I got a little reason to celebrate last week. My first ever first author paper of my phd got accepted into a proper scientific journal! Major milestone, so I figured I earned some celebratory yarn. Would I also have bought yarn if the paper got rejected and termed it consolatory yarn? Maybe.. Anyway, I finally jumped on the gradient train and went for 600 meters of merino fingering weight by Wollelfe in the Kingfisher Teal colourway. I want to make the Grady shawl with it, I just need to make the difficult decision if I want to knit this cake inside out or outside in, given that the shawl is knit inside out (got it?). Any thoughts?

*** Disclaimer: I acknowledge to the fullest that this post might be considered as enabling to the purchasing of yarn. However, I can not be held responsible for any purchases resulting from the reading of this blog post, but I sincerely apologise for any (permanent) damages to your bank account. If you need any excuses to buy new yarn though, I’d be happy to provide them (as you can see I am expert at coming up with reasons for yarn buying)***


FO: Pebble Beach shawl


Pattern: Pebble Beach Shawl
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Sock in Primavera

Yay, this was such a quick and enjoyable knit! Admittedly, it was already done last weekend. But I was so busy last week that the poor thing spend the entire week strapped onto my blocking maths. I felt some guilt, peeping at it in the mornings and feeling like I was applying medieval torture techniques to yarn. I didn’t want to take it off yet though, because I first wanted to take pictures before starting to wear it. But the pins have been taken out and pictures have been snapped.

pebblebeach5 Pebblebeach3

I’m on a bit of a Malabrigo sock binge and again this is one colourway I love. I wasn’t sure how it would knit up, but I love how this shawl is very colourful without being very colourful (does that even make sense?). Still don’t think I would ever knit socks with it, seriously doubt it would be durable enough.


But this is perfect shawl yarn. And hat yarn, and mittens yarn and probably sweater yarn. The drape is so pwetty! I made the shawlette version of the pattern (perfect 1 skein project) but after blocking I think it can be called a proper shawl, size-wise.


And I have been such a good little knitter, I even immediately started turning my leftovers into hexipuffs. Seriously, do I earn knitting credit with this or something? Like knitting points I can later on exchange for someone else to sew in my seams or something. Earn 100 credits and your skeins of yarn will be wound up for you. How awesome would that be? Yes please!


Heatwave out, knitting in


Summer knitting for me is usually something that happens at a slower pace. Projects tend to be smaller and yarn less bulky. Heatwave knitting is nonexistent for me. Not a fibre in my being desires to touch my yarn when I’m quite literally sweating my ass off. After having 2 tropical weeks in Hawaii I returned home to the usually rainy country that is the Netherlands to find temperatures even higher than on those islands in the Atlantic!

As far as seasons go I prefer fall and winter, and whereas I do appreciate the usual 2 weeks of nice weather we get in summer, I do not mind the otherwise ever changing weather one bit. Lucky for me temperatures went down again, and the knitting needles were picked up again.


I’m happily stitching away on two projects that both happen to be made with Malabrigo sock. First off there’s the pebble beach shawlette. Yes that yarn is pretty and yes that pattern is pretty, but somehow there’s something completely different that makes me excited about this project. There’s no chart in the pattern, just a line by line instruction with next to it percentages on how far in you are. I’ve never seen that before, but I find it incredibly motivating to knit until the next ‘milestone’. Isn’t it odd how much of an effect such a small thing can have on your behaviour?

Then there’s the Rye mittens. You might recognise the yarn as a leftover from my Blossom cap. I think I should have exactly enough leftovers to get these mitts done, and then still maybe push out a hexipuff or two. I love it when yardages work out so neatly.

How is your summer knitting going?

Back from Hawaii

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Last month I had a conference to attend in Honolulu (the life of a phd student can be really tough sometimes) and I figured I might as well have a little Hawaiian holiday if I’m flying to the other side of the planet anyway. Here’s a small impression of what I’ve been up to! {image heavy post of course}


lizzard_honolulu DSC_0001_Fotor DSC_0230_Fotor DSC_0327_Fotor DSC_0351_Fotor DSC_0504_Fotor DSC_0545_Fotor DSC_0586_Fotor DSC_0654_Fotor DSC_9383_Fotor DSC_9690_Fotor DSC_9750_Fotor DSC_9981_Fotor