Knitting Confessions #3

This post is a link up which was initiated by Brandy from the blog Stitched up in Toronto. As she so well described this idea:

Like most things in the world, knitting has a set of rules and conventions. Sometimes, we knitters break them. This is my knitting confession.

So here is my third knitting confession and I’m afraid I’ll be quite alone on this one:

I have a cable knitting phobia

Probably most knitters have wild dreams of wonderful cabled sweaters, but to be quite honest the idea of knitting them freaks me out. It’s not that I do not love looking at beautiful cable projects, but I don’t feel like I’m good enough to knit them. My projects involving a cable needle are very rare and the experience left me not very happy. The cable needle is so fiddly, the charts are so complex, it feels like so much more work (yes I say this as fanatic lace knitter).

However, I’ve come up with a two step program to tackle my disabling fear. The first step towards overcoming my phobia is to learn how to knit cables without a cable needle, at least eliminating the fiddly bit (hopefully). And as I second step I will be required to admire all the inspiring cable projects that were just released for the Brooklyn Tweed Fall collection, for at least 10 minutes each day.

I am very determined to conquer my phobia and set myself the goal of knitting at least one decent cable project still in 2014. And then either my inner cable knitting enthousiast will awaken, or I will throw in the cable knitting towel. Fingers crossed it will be the first one.

Any more pro cable knitting tips are more than welcome!



16 thoughts on “Knitting Confessions #3

  1. I didn’t like cable knitting with an extra needle, so I learned to do it without and it is much better. It does take a bit of time to rework the stitches on your needles correctly, but so much better than dealing with a third needle while trying to still knit with two. I think once you have tackled the cabling without a cable needle, you’ll find yourself working tons of cable items. And looking at all those gorgeous projects from Brooklyn Tweed will definitely help. 😉

  2. Those cable needles are the worst! I was like you once, annoyed by cable knitting as a process. However, learning how to cable without a cable needle (for the most part, larger cables are still easier for me with a cable needle) was like a magic cure for me. I hope it works for you too, with your gauge and attention to detail, you’ll produce beautiful cabling.

  3. yep,no doubt cabling without the cable needle is the way to go….it really becomes intuitive about which way the cables twist (so much so that after a repeat or so, you don’t even need the chart)…..and really, cabling is simply knitting (or purling) the same stitches in a different order. My first ‘real’ project (a million years ago) was a cabled hat… one told me cables were supposed to be fiddly or intimidating…..and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. Good luck! And if you need a cheerleader, I’m your girl!

  4. Agree with all, for some cable needles are great, others not so much. I go back and forth. If it is 2-6 stitch cable then I will not use a cable need. More than 6 stitch cable I prefer to use one. Nothing wrong with having a cable phobia. 🙂

  5. I actually found using a cabling needle was really helpful when I was first learning to cable, and I still use one if they are really thick cables. BUt for speed, learning to knit cables without the extra needle makes the whole process so much faster, for sure.

  6. I started with a cable needle, but now I almost never use one (my trouble is where to put it on the non-cable rows-I used to hang it on my eyeglasses until one day I smacked myself in the eye with it!) I definitely think it’s helpful to start with a needle, just to get a feel for how the fabric works as it’s in process. Good Luck!!

  7. I was going to suggest knitting cables without a cable needle, so you have already got it covered. I hate using cable needles too, they just get in the way all the time or fall out. Good luck!

  8. knitting without a cable needle is pretty straightforward, i hope you will overcome your phobia it is definately an excellent knitting skill to have! have you considered holding the stitches off the needle with a safety in perhaps? then nothing woud slip away 🙂 just a thought – hopefully we will see some lovely cabled projects from you soon 🙂 jenny xxx

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