Yarn Appreciation


So I don’t have any FOs to show you this week, nor any impressive progress on my many WIPs. But what I can show you is physical evidence of my lack of self control.

GraffitiOverlay2 GraffitiOverlay3

To be honest, I did have a pretty though week at work. My mind did not have the patience to do some actual knitting, but I thought I deserved a little shopping therapy to cheer myself up. And no kind of shopping cheers me up as much as yarn shopping. The skein in those first pictures there is sock yarn from Spun Right Round and it is just breathtakingly beautiful! Those spots of colours are so intense. I really have a hard time deciding what kind of sock pattern I’ll use this for though. I don’t want to do a plain stockinette sock but the pattern should be simple enough to make the yarn pop. Or maybe the yarn wants to be a hat, so it can be shown off more often?


And then there’s this pretty skein of Eden Cottage Yarn Tempo 4ply in the colour Copper Bucket. I wanted a sock yarn in an autumnal colour for some nice lace socks. I’ve admired ECY yarns and the beautiful colours for a long time, and now there’s finally a store in the Netherlands that sells it. So no more excuses and it was time to try out this yarn.

malabrigo malabrigo2

And I couldn’t just leave it at that could I? Yes my bank account is pretty empty right now, but I did need a lot of cheering up. So this is some lovely Malabrigo sock yarn in the colour Primavera. I’m planning to turn this into a nice pair of fingerless mitts and maybe a headband if I have leftovers.


And then some more Malabrigo, this time Silky Merino to make myself a hat! Because hat weather has arrived and I haven’t made a hat yet (disgraceful!).

So that’s what I’ve been up to! Looking at all those lovely colours, the occasional squish. I’m considering putting an emergency skein of yarn into my desk drawer at work, just to have a relaxing squish when things get stressful.

Do you ever indulge in yarn shopping to cheer yourself up?

A new home for my yarn

yarn3 I have a confession to make; up until last week my stash was homeless. It’s been only around 5 years since I started taking knitting more seriously, and back in the day I only had the odd ball of (acrylic) yarn and acouple of needles lying around. It was hard to imagine I would ever buy more yarn than I could use up immediately. Boy, was I naive. yarn1

In contrast to my stash, which is still pretty young, I’ve always been quite fanatic about buying books. The book buying has always been at a speed that I could not possible keep up with, reading wise. Just the pure joy of buying a new book, leafing through it in the book shop, occasionally smelling it (yes I do that), and then proudly storing it away in your book case (in alphabetical order of course). If I’d stop buying books nows, I’d probably could happily read on a couple of years.

yarn4 And now the same has happened with yarn. The squishing, selecting colours, and maybe occasionally smelling it (yes I do that). Especially sock yarn is a weakness for me, it’s usually just one or two skeins so it is easily bought. And I do love my sock yarn stash so much (picture above is just the sock yarn)! yarn2

When I started to get more into knitting, I started putting my yarn and materials in cardboard boxes or bags. The stash was spread all over the house and there was no order in it whatsoever. As I said, my yarn was homeless. Lately however the chaos of the boxes and bags lying around everywhere and the lack of order started to annoy me to no end. So now I’ve proudly created a home for it in the form of drawers in a dresser. And I have to say it is such a relief to easily find things!

How about you, do you have a system for organising your stash?

On a hot Summer day

So last week we had some extreme rainy weather, which got me all excited for fall and all kinds of warm knitting adventures. I nearly cast on a warm sweater but managed to resist. However I failed to inhibit myself when it came to fall inspired yarn shopping. And boy, was I wrong about the weather!

Today temperatures are reaching up to 34ºC, and it doesn’t look like it will cool down much in the next couple of weeks. So it was a little odd receiving parcels full of knitting stuff. Nevertheless I’m still very excited about my purchases, although I’m afraid some of them will have to wait receiving my full love and attention until my overall state of being is less melting.

What did I buy exactly? First of all I’ve been eyeing this pattern book by Ann Kingstone for a while now. The designs are breathtaking (and as the name already suggests) stranded knits. One of my favourite designs in here must be the William sweater. I can really recommend checking out this book!


Yarn-wise I’ve been wanting to buy something to make the Ginny’s owl cardigan from the unofficial Harry Potter knits magazine. If you’re anything like me the idea of a combination between Harry Potter and knitting will make your heart beat a little bit faster. I adore this shade of purple (30 Damson) from Rowan Pure Wool DK, I think it will suit the pattern well!

Lastly, I figured you can never have too much shawl knitting yarn, right? (RIGHT?!) The lovely purple-ish skein is from Araucania Botany Lace and the two coral coloured skeins are Malabrigo Silky Merino. I don’t have an exact project in mind for these yet, although I have some vague ideas. I’m of course always open to suggestions 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sit in the fridge.


In love with the skeinbow

Today was a very happy day indeed, because when I got home I had a nice surprise awaiting me. As you may remember I made an entry (Breaking Cat) for the Mochimochiland photo series contest and I actually won second place (check out the other winners here and all the super creative entries here)! So the surprise awaiting me was my price which had already arrived all the way from the US. And what better price for a knitter than yarn?

The prize consisted of two mini skeinbows by Happy Go Lucky Yarn (you can find their Etsy shop here). The first one consisted of the bright colours and well.. what can I say? Just look at it! So unbelievably beautiful, I am completely in love. The skeinbow consists of six mini skeins of fingering weight yarn consisting of 75% merino/25% nylon.

The second skeinbow consists of light pastel colours. Again beautiful colours and the skeins themselves are so soft and squishy. And now comes the hard part, what magical rainbow creation am I going to knit with these? There’s so many options; cute Mochimochi creatures? Hexipuffs? Or maybe these amazing rainbow wanderer socks that I’ve been wanting to make for quite a while? Any suggestions are welcome!

I am very grateful for this price so I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to both Mochimochiland for hosting such a fun contest and Happy Go Lucky yarn for making this amazing price available!

Now I’ll leave you with my favourite rainbow picture I ever made. The photo was taken almost exactly a year ago on Midsummer Eve (Sankt Hans) back when I was still living in Copenhagen. What first seemed to be doomed to end as a rainy evening turned into a beautiful night with first a double rainbow, then a great bonfire and a huge full moon. This must be evidence that rainbows have magical powers!

rainbowSanktHans SanktHansCopenhagen