FO: Winters Frost Socks

Nothing works better as travel knitting for me than a nice and simple pair of socks. Last week I got to spend a few days in Iceland for a conference, and a last minute sock cast on was made to keep me company.

Pattern: Winters Frost socks by This Handmade Life
Yarn: Superwash merino sock yarn by Samelin Dyeworks 

I’m going to  have very little to say about these socks, which is not at all a reflection about how much I like them. But very simply put, I love the yarn, it was very great to work with and the colours are giving me a very summer-y vibe. And the pattern is an incredibly simple lace repeat, no thinking required. So this was exactly what I needed, a simple yet pretty sock, that I could pick up on the plane or whenever I needed it, and just being able to add a few rows whenever I wanted. I know myself, and I probably would have lost interest in a vanilla sock. So this was the absolute perfect solution.

FO: Whitethorn socks

My knitting mojo has been pretty low recently, so it feels good to finally have an FO off my needles again.

Pattern: Whitethorn socks by Lindsey Fowler
Yarn: La Bien Aimee tough sock in a Happy Accident colourway

My low knitting mojo means I do still pick up my needles occasionally, but I haven’t been very focused on one project, and a lot of the time I just mindlessly knit a couple of hexipuffs. Yesterday was Eurovision however, and I used it as an excuse to finally get this pair of socks finished.

This is a pretty fun pattern to make, the cable repeat is not that hard to memorise and keeps the knitting interesting. I think in terms of yarn I’m a bit on the edge with how much business the pattern allows for, but it still works out and the cables pop more than enough.

I recently also made this little unicorn for a tiny friend. The pattern is Nilla the Unicorn and if you are looking for a super cute way of using up your leftover yarn, this is it!

FO: On The Road Socks

My first pair of socks of 2019! This was my New Year’s Eve cast on, that I’ve been knitting on occasionally in the past month, and they came off the needles yesterday.

Pattern: On The Road by Verena Cohrs
Yarn: Craftfulness spoil base in the Summer Allergies colourway

This pattern is knit toe-up and is pretty much easy going for the most part. The only part for which you need to switch on your brain is the end of the leg where the travelling stitches are happening (but even that part is intuitive and easy to remember). I’ve knit many of Verena’s sock design by now, and they always give me a great fit. Again, this pair sits wonderful on my feet!

I used yarn by a dutch dyer called Craftfulness. The colours are lovely pastels, but you might notice the socks looking pretty different. Of course it’s not uncommon for this to happen with hand-dyed yarn, but it was made significantly worse by me. By the end of sock number 1 I was in a massive fight with my yarn cake, which I had been knitting from the inside out. It had turned into one enormous knot that was pretty much unknittable. Therefore, sock number 2 was knit outside in. I definitely like my socks quirky so it doesn’t bother me one bit though. And I’d take a pair of mismatched socks any day over untangling an untangle ball of yarn barf!


Dreary Sunday, happy socks

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday afternoon. I am currently wrapped up in my pyjama’s while watching the rain outside. It is perfectly cosy. And every cosy Sunday needs a cosy pair of socks.

Pattern: Improvised vanilla socks with fish lips kiss heels
Yarn: Twisted Limone sock yarn in the Dreamcatcher colourway

These socks have been my mindless knitting for the past couple of weeks, picking them up every now and again. They are actually much longer than I had intended. I had just bought a new set of 2.25mm sock needles and cast on 72 stitches. After knitting a couple of cm’s these socks seemed way too big however. I measured my brand new needles as a sanity check, and turns out they were actually 2.5mm needles. Very frustrating! I didn’t feel like starting over so I decided to make them longer and decrease stitches on the calf. I added contrasting heels and toes using some leftover sock yarn.

With these socks now off the needles I only have 2(!!) active WIPs! One is a pair of First Star socks, and the other is the Inori shawl. I feel a little cast on spree coming on soon..

FO: Fade X Sox

I’ve returned from my lovely holiday in Slovenia. I’m still planning on making a separate picture post for that, but this will require me to first sort through the hundreds of pictures I took 😉 So for now you will have to do with the first FO from my holiday projects.

Pattern: Fade X Sox by Leeni Hoi
Yarn: Artemis Yarn sock in the Dream colourway

The pattern consists of stitches travelling across your sock in a band, making it both an easy meditative knit, but also in my opinion very well suited for variegated yarns. I’d therefore really recommend this pattern for travel knitting! I know the word fade is mentioned in the pattern name, but there is no fade to be seen for my socks. Which is not to say I don’t think faded socks are amazing, but mostly means that for this particular project I couldn’t be bothered.

As for the yarn, this was my first time knitting with Artemis yarn after already admiring her colourways for quite some time. I think dream is a perfect name, because these socks are super dreamy. I don’t know why exactly, but while knitting this project the yarn-pattern combination was also giving me a strong 80s vibe (and I mean that in the best way possible).

I’ve actually also as good as finished the Gran sweater I was knitting in Slovenia, however after fudging up the skein alternation I’ll be reworking part of the body. Almost there though!