FO: Home Grown Socks

2017 is certainly giving me a sock-y start. Pair nr. 2 of this year again feels like it just flew off my needles.

Pattern: Home Grown by Jessica Gore
Yarn: Stranded Dyeworks Oasis in Naive Watercolour

I’m a little surprised by myself for knitting two pairs of toe up socks in a row, and you know what? I actually didn’t mind all that much. Sure, give me the option and cuff down is what I’ll pick, but having repeated the toe up way a couple of times now, at least it feels less wrong.

This pattern is very easy to memorise, so it was perfect for mindless after work knitting. Actually these socks accompanied me while blasting through all of the seasons of Orphan Black. Anyone else watched this show? I really loved it and cannot wait for the next season.

The yarn and pattern are a match made in heaven in my opinion. I adore the colours in the yarn and knew I shouldn’t let them be overwhelmed by a super busy pattern. I think the slice of stockinette running over the front of the foot is perfect for showing off the variegated yarn, and the lace and texture helped with keeping the knitting interesting. I’m one happy sock owner.

(here’s a bonus picture of Sibbe showing off her posing skills)

And now I’m finally doing what I wanted to start the year with; finishing old WIPs. This Asklöv hat was started in September I think so it’s about time I finished it. The twisted ribbed brim was a pain in the ass to knit, but the colourwork is more than making up for it!

FO: Flying North Socks

So I didn’t have any strict resolutions for this year, but I did think it made sense to finish some old WIPs before starting new things. So I picked up a shawl I hadn’t worked on for a couple of months and the stitch count made NO sense at all. I swear I stuck with figuring it out for maybe an afternoon, but by the end of January 1st there was a new pair of socks on my needles.

Pattern: Flying North by Maria Montzka
Yarn: Spectrum Fibre sock yarn in Koi colourway

I think there’s no need for me to say that part of the attraction of casting on is this out of this world yarn. I’ve been discovering a wealth of indie dyers in the last year and I love how despite the fact that they all dye yarn, there’s still this signature look you can find back in the colours. I think when you’ll peep through some of the other colourways from Spectrum Fibre you’ll see what I mean.

Neon orange and green is not a bad start of a year right? Some brightness into this grey winter now that the Christmas lights have disappeared. The pattern is one that appeared on my list of a great match for speckled yarns and I love these two together.

Knitting these feels like a slightly more interesting version of a vanilla sock. The pattern is very straightforward and easy to remember. A relaxing knit which kept me company during the last week of my winter break.

The next pair is also already on the needles btw (two toe-up socks in a row, insaaaane!!). Another gorgeous yarn by an indie dyer, Stranded Dyeworks and the pattern is Home Grown.

Final FO of 2016: Threshold sweater

This is it, the final FO of 2016, finished on the very last day of the year. I had a really good feeling when knitting this and luckily nothing went wrong on the final stretch, no weird issues with the sleeves and sizing stayed perfect after washing and blocking.

Pattern: Threshold by Melanie Berg
Yarn: Phileas Yarns Explorer in Wat colourway

I’m still pleased as punch with the yarn, the semi-solid gold is exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t do any major mods to the pattern, except for one extra round of waist shaping to get a more fitted sweater. The biggest love I have for this design has to be the neckline with the twisted ribbing running off the shoulder. It gives it a unique and elegant feel.

And with that I have finished 17 projects in 2016. I think one of my goals was to knit more sweaters, which didn’t really work out unfortunately. I did learn a whole bunch (like steeking and how not to do it). Most of the knitting was socks (yay!) and 5 were gifts, which is a very good ratio.

I don’t want to set any goals for 2017, as this is the year in which I’m supposed to finish my PhD unless I get an extension. So I guess my goal is to use knitting for what has first drawn me to it, namely to relax me and help deal with stressful periods (and I know I’ll be having plenty of those when finishing my thesis).

How about you, did you set any knitting goals for the New Year?

FO: Drogon socks

I’m feeling the end of the year pressing towards us, and even though it doesn’t make one bit of a difference if I finish a knit before or after Sunday, I’m trying to finish up some stuff anyway. Something with a clean start I guess.

Pattern: Drogon by Cookie A
Yarn: Ancient arts fibre craft sock yarn in French Bordeaux

These were part of my OMG AUTUMN IS HERE cast on frenzy back in September. And because cast on frenzies don’t exactly make for quick FOs they’ve only been finished now.

I think I’ve loved every Cookie A pattern I’ve knit so far (which are Striation and Golden Leaves) and erm.. is it just me or am I going for a colour theme here?

The other thing I’m desperately trying to finish, and I think this might delight some of you (including myself of course) is my threshold sweater. Look how far it is!!! Only a little over 1 sleeve to go so I’m hoping to be able to finally give this a beautiful FO post in a couple of days 🙂

When all else fails, knit socks

See this here? This is a hat. A hat I knit as a Christmas gift for a friend. A hat I’d normally be tempted to keep for myself. A hat I knew would be very loved by my friend (I think the pattern and colour are right up her alley, which is why I picked this project for her of course), if only she could make her head grow maybe twice its regular size within the next week. Not because she has an unusually tiny head and I knit a regular sized hat. No, this is actually a ginormous hat.

I’m not a newbie knitter, but I manage to make all kinds of newbie mistakes all the time. Nothing wrong with that I guess. Whilst knitting this hat it already appeared way too big, but thinking I wouldn’t have time to finish the ONE Christmas knit I was working on if I didn’t just continue I ignored my gut feeling. Of course washing the hat made it even bigger. And there you have it, a pretty project ready to be ripped out and surely not to be gifted for Christmas. (if you know anyone in need of the world’s biggest hat get in touch)

So what do I do when I mess up knitting? I go back to knitting socks. Knitting socks is like crawling into my safe space. I never mess up socks! Ok that statement is a bit too strongly formulated, but I don’t think I’ve ever had to rip and restart a sock more than once. I guess there are multiple factors contributing to this..

One thing must simply be practice. Socks are so familiar! I know how many stitches I need, which heel to make, what toe I love to get to a perfect sock for my feet. It’s not like I don’t know my own head size or am baffled by the proportions of my torso (I do buy clothes for myself after all), but I simply make projects for my other body parts less frequently. I know socks. In fact, I bet if I leave a sock WIP on my night stand I would wake up in the morning to see a little bit of progress was made during my sleep (unfortunately for the boyfriend I’m a fanatic sleep talker, how much more difficult can sleep knitting be?).

Socks also have another dimension of added fun. I’m quite boring in the range of colours I wear in my clothing, with the exception of one or two green sweaters. But when it comes to socks everything goes! Despite how much I wish I was a person that wears rainbow sweaters on a daily basis, I’m really not. Rainbow socks however? The more the better, and preferably knee high!

So after messing up with the hat I crawled into my sock knitting safe space. I got some Regia sock yarn for my birthday that I’m making a pair of fraternal vanilla socks out of, plus the Drogon socks that have had WIP status for a longer time already now. And to end this ode to sock knitting, here’s a current picture of my sock drawer (I never tire of this view). I love knitting gifts but I always find giving away socks difficult, because adding a new pair to this collection is always such a joy.

Bonus: here are some pics of Sibbe & Iva taking turns thinking ‘if I fits I’ll sits’ (spoiler, they don’t fits, so they left disappointed).