On the needles

Hello dear readers, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m glad to say I finally moved into my new apartment, but the hectic move plus stress at work caused me to completely lose my knitting mojo. I found it back though, I think I have the wonderful online knitting community to thank for. I guess you can only look at beautiful knitting projects by others for so long before your hands start to itch again.


One thing that never fails me are socks of course. Here’s a display of the pairs of socks I have in various stages of being finished. The Evening Stockings for a Young Lady socks haven’t progressed since I last blogged about them.


The Spring Fern socks on the other hand are a little closer to completion. The second sock is patiently awaiting a heel. This Snail Yarn is really knitting up like a dream.

Pixel Socks
Just last week I was feeling a bit stressed one evening and decided to cast on a vanilla sock, something I rarely do. In fact, there’s only 1 finished pair of vanilla socks in my collection, after learning to knit socks I soon lost interest. It’s a pity though, these are so quick to knit and it’s fun to watch a pattern emerge. It’s the yarn that is doing the hard work instead of me, and I kind of like it. The yarn is called Digipix (by Regia) so I decided to call these socks my Pixel Socks.


The Petit Arc en Ciel baby cardigan I was working on in April remains unfinished, even though it was on a deadline for a baby shower gift. At least I am very close to having it done now, only having the pocket and finishing up left to do. Let’s hope the baby still fits in it by the time it is gifted! Good thing I cast on the 3-6 months old size..

I also started working on a knitted toy, to gift to the very same newborn. I picked a pattern from the Little Cotton Rabbits collection, they are so freaking adorable. So far only the head is finished and I’m having some second thoughts about the yarn. The ears look a little limp and won’t both stay up. Either I a) accept that as it is, b) maybe knit the ears with the yarn held double? or c) decide on a different yarn. To be decided..


Oh, and if you are wondering if I also lost my appetite for yarn purchasing while I took a little break from knitting; of course not. These 4 skeins entered my stash in the last 2 months, 3 of them purchased at the Wolspektakel event in May, and the Hedgehog Fibres is a beautiful memory of a day spend in Amsterdam with friends, which finally gave me a chance to visit the Stephen + Penelope store (thanks to my friends for patiently waiting around while I browsed the store).


Manos Del Uruguay Alegria, I’ve never had the pleasure to work with this yarn before. It’s so soft! Surely this should be a shawl right? In colourway Macachines.


From the Dutch dyer Het Wolbeest, this colourway is called Herfstbladeren (Fall Leaves). DWC

Another skein from a Dutch dyer, this time The Dutch Cottage, Iva particularly appreciated the smell of this skein. She wouldn’t stop sniffing it while I tried to snap a shot.


An out of this world colour palette, Hedgehog Fibres Sock Yarn in the Genie colourway. I have no clue yet what this skein wants to become, but I already know there’s no way it’ll be disappointing or boring.

So this became quite the post to catch up! Anyone else who loses their knitting mojo sometimes?

In any case I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, here’s a little picture of Iva who couldn’t resist striking a pose when I got the camera out.


Baby knits

Arc_en_ciel3 Thanks to everyone for the very helpful yarn suggestions for baby knits! My urgency of casting something on just became a little bigger, because apparently my friends baby shower is in less than 2 weeks, so my needles had to start clicking.

Arc_en_ciel One pattern that stood out for me while browsing Ravelry was the Petit Arc-en-Ciel cardigan, because I have the perfect yarn for the rainbow! You might remember the skeinbow I also used for my Rainbow Wanderer socks, and there’s still plenty left for making this pretty little yoke. I found a fingering weight yarn that is supposedly machine washable (Lana Grossa Cool Wool Baby) so I’m hoping this cardi will be a hit for the mom to be. In any case knitting this is making me HAPPY! Combined with the budging spring weather it’s difficult not to get cheerful from this project. And reallly, there’s no going wrong with a knitted rainbow is there?

And since I’m optimistic about my knitting speed I also decided to make one additional gift. I’ve been adoring the Little Cotton Rabbits patterns for ages and always told myself I’d make one once I’d needed a baby gift. So I’m going to make the Bunny Girl in a Dotty Dress with this Drops Saffran. Drops_safran

Now I’m going to have to continue knit knit knitting to finish all of this on time, happy Sunday everyone!

Spring Knitting

SpingFern3 Happy beginning of Spring/Easter everyone! Hoping you all enjoyed some relaxing days spend whichever way you wanted, with some knitting on top. My weekend was good, but I’m a little low on knitting time lately. Other than the usual hectic at work, I actually bought an apartment since my latest blogpost. Does this officially make me an adult now? I certainly hope not.. Most of the paperwork is done and the wait for getting the key has started (which is end of April) and packing has been on my mind already (although actually doing it is apparently a whole other story). Which is not to say I haven’t been knitting at all!

Spring is definitely already showing itself just a tad bit, and I felt some Spring inspired socks were in order. The pattern is called Spring Fern and I’m using the magical Wildflowers colourway from the Snailyarn I got for my birthday last December. It’s certainly knitting up like a dream, beside the fact that for the first time ever I’m knitting socks on 2mm 15cm long DPNs. Makes me feel like I have ginormous hands and progress is noticeably slower. It will give me a great fit though so it is worth it. And I actually have child-size hands in real life so it’s nice to finally feel like a person that isn’t so challenged in the hand-size department.

I haven’t made a lot of progress with my Evening Stockings for a Young Lady, although I have moved on to the foot. Still really like the grey-yellow mix, these are going to be awesome.

Char Char2

I also cast on the first sweater of this year (pattern is called Char). Even though the pattern collection is an ode to black (and I totally feel that with my usual wardrobe), I’m using some purple Rowan Pure Wool DK I still had lying around. I’ve linked this stash to so many sweaters and cardi’s by now but never loved the combination enough to cast on. I am digging this so far, and I think the first attempt may actually be my size (unheard of!).

I also need to start baby knits soon! No I am not pregnant, but a friend of me is due this May and she already hinted she certainly wouldn’t mind a hand knit gift. But having never knit anything for baby’s before I need some advice on good yarns to use! I guess the most important requirements are softness and being machine-washable. So any advice/recommendations would be extremely welcome!

FO: Adama cowl


The first FO of 2016! Whenever I start complaining again about not finishing enough projects, please remind me that 95% of my knitting is in fingering weight is it’s pretty much my own stupid fault. This cowl is knit in worsted weight and I finished it in under a week without even trying very hard.

Pattern: Adama cowl by Hilary Smith Callis
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the Birdbook colourway

Adama3 Never having worked with any Brooklyn Tweed yarn before I’d say it was a good experience. It’s a shame it’s not so easy to get your hands on it in Europe, because I’m especially charmed by their range of colours. This shade of green is pretty darn close to my favourite colour, although I could’ve knit this in almost any of the other colours they offer and still love it as much as I do now. The first picture probably reflect the colour most accurately, but taking decent FO pics on a cloudy winter’s day will forever remain a challenge to me.
Adama2 Adama4

The pattern itself was a relatively mindless knit and is an excellent candidate for tv knitting. I did need to keep an eye on the pattern, but most of it was smooth sailing and it pretty much felt like it was flying off the needles. And I actually like it in the tweedy yarn! I’m sure this’ll be keeping my shoulders warm for still many hours to come this winter.

Knit deprived


Hello dear readers, how has to first month of 2016 treated you? I found myself in a serious state of knitting deprivation in January. I figured I’d make a *super quick* cross stitch as a birthday gift for a friend (which was in the beginning of January), which I only finished just last week. We both love Community, so I thought this would be a nice little gift, but I was SO over cross stitch for the last 2 weeks. I didn’t want to start knitting because the temptation to just forget about the whole gift would be too great. I’m glad I pushed myself to finish it, now I just need to nicely frame it and it can finally be gifted. Just one month too late, that’s not so bad right?


I don’t foresee doing any new cross stitch projects in the next few months, so I indulged in casting on new projects. The first had to be socks of course. It’s been so long since I knit my last pair of knee socks, plus I had some beautiful leftover yarn from my Golden Leaves socks that I wanted to use up. Yellow as a contrast colour for gray knee-socks seemed like a fail proof idea, and so far I am LOVING them. I just need to calculate if I have enough yellow to also make yellow heels and toes, which I think would be my favourite option. If I don’t have enough yardage left I’ll at least try for yellow toes.. because YELLOW TOES! The pattern is called Evening Stockings for a Young Lady, ha! I guess I am a young lady, so perfect fit of pattern & prospective stocking wearer.


Next to that I cast on a cowl with the Brooklyn Tweed yarn I bought in Canada. The pattern is Adama, although my project doesn’t look like much yet. Had to share this picture though, because Iva demonstrates why she deserves the title of top photobombing cat of the year title. Her little head with those blue eyes full of mischief popping up behind the knitting cracks me up.