Heatwave out, knitting in


Summer knitting for me is usually something that happens at a slower pace. Projects tend to be smaller and yarn less bulky. Heatwave knitting is nonexistent for me. Not a fibre in my being desires to touch my yarn when I’m quite literally sweating my ass off. After having 2 tropical weeks in Hawaii I returned home to the usually rainy country that is the Netherlands to find temperatures even higher than on those islands in the Atlantic!

As far as seasons go I prefer fall and winter, and whereas I do appreciate the usual 2 weeks of nice weather we get in summer, I do not mind the otherwise ever changing weather one bit. Lucky for me temperatures went down again, and the knitting needles were picked up again.


I’m happily stitching away on two projects that both happen to be made with Malabrigo sock. First off there’s the pebble beach shawlette. Yes that yarn is pretty and yes that pattern is pretty, but somehow there’s something completely different that makes me excited about this project. There’s no chart in the pattern, just a line by line instruction with next to it percentages on how far in you are. I’ve never seen that before, but I find it incredibly motivating to knit until the next ‘milestone’. Isn’t it odd how much of an effect such a small thing can have on your behaviour?

Then there’s the Rye mittens. You might recognise the yarn as a leftover from my Blossom cap. I think I should have exactly enough leftovers to get these mitts done, and then still maybe push out a hexipuff or two. I love it when yardages work out so neatly.

How is your summer knitting going?

Back from Hawaii

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Last month I had a conference to attend in Honolulu (the life of a phd student can be really tough sometimes) and I figured I might as well have a little Hawaiian holiday if I’m flying to the other side of the planet anyway. Here’s a small impression of what I’ve been up to! {image heavy post of course}


lizzard_honolulu DSC_0001_Fotor DSC_0230_Fotor DSC_0327_Fotor DSC_0351_Fotor DSC_0504_Fotor DSC_0545_Fotor DSC_0586_Fotor DSC_0654_Fotor DSC_9383_Fotor DSC_9690_Fotor DSC_9750_Fotor DSC_9981_Fotor