FO: Blossom cap & Pattern giveaway!


I didn’t even get to chance to post about casting on this project, and now *poof*, here’s the FO post! As you might remember I was waiting patiently for the extra yarn to arrive for my Sperry sweater, and once that arrived it was sweesh swoosh and the sweater was done. You’d think, “great! Finally it’s done, nothing can stop you now!” Well about 1000 ends to weave in certainly stopped me, so the test knit for this cap quickly pushed itself in between.

Pattern: Blossom cap by Brandy Velten
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in Violeta Africana

This is a super fun and quick knit, perfect for a bit of lace knitting in the now warmer weather. It only uses up a small amount of sock yarn, and I went for the lovely Malabrigo sock. It’s pretty hard to capture the beauty of the colour, but trust me it is quite smashing, and I felt it suited the Blossom theme of the project. I’m not sure I’d actually use it to make socks though, but perfect for these kinds of projects. The cap itself is so light to wear and combined with the soft yarn it works perfectly for the current weather. As I’m usually quite bad with knitting weather appropriate things I’m so pleased with it.


And now it’s time for something fun, a ~*giveaway*~! Brandy has generously offered a copy of the Blossom cap pattern to one of my readers. All you have to do is leave a comment below before Saturday June 6th 12:00 CEST (be sure to include your Ravelry id in the comment).

The winner will be announced next weekend, good luck!

Patience is my middle name (no it isn’t)

I am THIS close to finishing this sweater. It has taken me about 5 times recasting in the beginning because I couldn’t get the stitch count right, knitting it tent-sized and fully frogging a fair amount, taking my time swatching, finishing the body and then reknitting the bottom hem because it wasn’t to my liking, and now..

..I’ve run out of yarn. Only about 3/4 of a sleeve left to go. I was so sure I’d have this thing done by now. I already saw the yarn shortage coming last weekend so I swiftly ordered some extra yarn. And now a week later it still hasn’t arrived. Visions of lost parcels in the mail and then this specific colourway going out of stock are haunting me.

I’m too afraid to start anything new, afraid to loose my interest in this never ending project now that I can see the finish line. I did knit a few hexipuffs while waiting, which is good for my hexipuff goal (I completely forgot what my specific goal was but I’m sure it involved knitting hexipuffs).


The wait has also given me the chance to finish reading a book! I didn’t like it very much but still, I finished a book! Maybe my reading mojo will finally come back. The book I finished was called ‘Sneeuwwitje moet sterven’ (original title: Schneewittchen muss sterben) by German crime author Nele Neuhaus. I didn’t find the characters particularly believable, nor the story very interesting, and if there’s one thing that annoys me to bits it’s murder mysteries that take too long to solve because the detectives seem sort of stupid. Anyway, no harm done. I started reading A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki and so far it seems right up my alley.

I’ve also found some time to dive into my garden. I’m not much of a gardener (read: I’m not a gardener at all), and if I’d have to describe my gardening style I’d call it ‘hack and slash’. Still, the garden seems in a reasonable state, which is good as I’m hosting a Eurovision party next weekend (oh the gloriousness that is Eurovision!!!! Are you as excited as I am?!). And I also found a little garden friend, isn’t he the cutest?